23 October 2008

me and my blog

i am a perfectionist in so many ways (although you will note i do not like to use capital letters). i have a very busy life. i have very passionate, wandering thoughts. all of these things make an interesting recipe for blogging. i love to write and express my thoughts but i have little time and when i do i want them to come out perfect. however, with little time, it becomes impossible to get my passionate message out just the way i want. so i am learning that blogging is not so much about the perfection of the writing but just simply expressing the message and getting it out there for others to read and hopefully get something from it. this is my hope from this blog, that it will not be another column that complains about the economy or gossips about celebrities or even talks about what shoes to wear (even though i love shoes!). i hope that when reading this blog we all realize there is more to this...there is more to life than the bad things that happen, there are little things out there to cheer us up in the day, there are people around us that we can lean on and that need us, there is a God that loves us and we live and breathe for with every moment.

so, i am projecting that in this blog there will be a variety of subjects. there will be days when i write about the little things that got me through the day and the way i see the world. there will be other times when i write about a tragic day and my search for the "more." i may start out with posting some old writings from my myspace (for those that are not "friends"). but i hope in reading this you will enjoy it and that in seeing my ups and downs we can remember there is more to this.

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