07 August 2009

more resolute pt. 2

2. read at least one book every month

so how have i done on this one? well, like most, i started off pretty well and began reading immediately. however, i started reading several books at one time. that didn't work out so well. i didn't feel like i was getting anywhere with them and had a hard time really digging into each one. i had no focus and was not gaining anything from them. so i ended up taking a break, not on purpose but a break nonetheless. i started up reading again a month or two ago. i'm almost finished with my second book. i've learned that keeping a book with me at all times and making specific times to read has really helped. in my current position, i have some "dead" time between clients where i may just be sitting in the car waiting. having a book to read makes me feel like i am using my time productively. i feel like it also helps me focus on my next task by keeping my mind going and alert, even if the book has nothing to do with the job.

i also make time to read something more spiritually fulfilling before bed as part of my quiet time. even if i am tired, i read a few pages at least. it helps me to sleep better by clearing my head of work and worries (as does prayer before bed). so right now i am reading one book at night and something more recreational during the day. i am feeling pretty good about this goal even though i didn't not get off to such a good start. i was able to come up with a better plan and it is becoming habit. yay! it is encouraging to be able to follow through with developing a new habit even if it is only reading books. and really, it is something i am enjoying more and more as i continue. i find myself watching less tv and spending more time exercising my brain because i am hooked on a story or wanting to learn more. it is a good feeling.

so what am i reading now? check out my books to see. i just finished The Giver by Lois Lowry and it was an intriguing read, forcing me to continue thinking about the book long after i was finished reading it.